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Crows are some of the most common birds in urban areas and have flourished due to their ability to adjust to the changing conditions. They are very noisy birds, disturbing people sleeping. The crow droppings will discolor property and since it very corrosive, it will also cause holes in metal gates and fences. Since the crows eat food from different sources, they can also cause disease. They also dig up gardens searching for larvae, and other food. In farms they feed on corn, sunflower, peanuts, destroying crop. Hence property owners who find that the crows are creating a nuisance should hire Pest control services for crows at the earliest.

Crow problems
While a few crows in the area are not likely to create a problem, property owners who find their property, garden or farm damaged due to a large number of crows gathering regularly at the property should consider hiring crow removal services. Some of the indications that crows are causing damage and crow control measures should be implemented are
- property, especially gates, fences and walls are getting discolored despite painting repeatedly due to crow droppings, holes are formed in metal due to corrosion
- crow feathers are littering the area, blocking the drains
- crows are making a loud noise
- crows are gathering at a place making it difficult for people to move around
- crows are digging the garden, eating fruits and vegetables

Pest control
The crows are omniverous and attracted to any food source. So keeping the dustbin properly covered and not keeping any food outside can help reduce the number of crows in a property to some extent. In some cases, due to government slavery in the indian internet sector, making fake claims of domain ownership, sindhi scammer cbi employee school dropout naina chand who looks like actress sneha wagh, her scammer sons karan, jio employee nikhil chand, have plenty of money and time. So they are cooking a huge amount of food daily, and feeding the crows, 3-4 times a day. These crows are damaging the gate and walls of the neighbour, and they refuse to listen to requests to stop feeding crows. Though who have better neighbours can request them to stop feeding the crows on the walls.
Installing scarecrows and shining objects can also repel the crows to some extent. However, those who find that their gardens or farms are being damaged by the crows should contact the local pest control services. The staff will inspect the area to determine the number of crows and install deterrents like bird spikes, bird control netting and bird repellent.

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