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Houseflies are one of  the widespread household pests found in farms and homes. They are most common in poultry farms and other animal farms where their larvae grow in animal manure. The fly population is usually high in summer and in the rainy season. Most flies die in winter,  a few survive in the form of pupa. Pest control for houseflies

 An adult  fly is usually 5-8 mm long. About 100 eggs of the fly are usually laid at a time in organic material like garbage or manure. Eggs are also laid in milk which is kept for conversion into curds .  The larvae, which are white in color and look like tiny worms feed on the organic material. The larvae then transform into reddish brown pupae within 7 days , from which the adult housefly develops. Adult houseflies live for 15 to 25 days. The size of the fly depends on the nutrition available to the larva. 

Houseflies can take in only liquid foods, so they spit out saliva on solid food to digest it and then suck it in. They continuously clean their legs by rubbing them together since the taste and smell receptors are located on the hairs of  their legs.  The surface tension of  liquids from glands near their feet allow the flies to hang vertically and upside down on ceilings.

Houseflies are danger to human beings as they disease carrying organisms like bacteria on their body. When they move from sewage and garbage and rest on human food, they spit out saliva and at times more than 100 pathogens like typhoid, cholera, salmonella, dysentery, anthrax and worms.

Pest control for houseflies

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