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 Basic pest control for flies is keeping the house clean. Food and organic material where the flies can lay their eggs must be removed. Garbage cans should have tight fitting lids and be cleaned regularly.  All wet manure and straw where flies can breed should be removed.  Spilled food should also not be allowed to accumulate, which will cause an increase in the fly population. Doors should be closed tightly.  Gaps in doors and windows should be closed to prevent access by flies.

 Flies can be killed manually by hand, but it is difficult since flies are very sensitive to changes in air pressure around them.  Manual fly swatters can be used against single flies, but the person using them should be alert and stealthy.

An electric fly swapper is powered by 2 or 3 AA size batteries which generate an electric grid around it. When the fly makes contact with it, it gets an electric shock and dies instantaneously. However the electric fly swapper should be switched off when not in use, since it can cause damage to furniture and  skin.

 After some time, most flies become immune to insecticides and sprays. Also these insecticides contain chemicals which are harmful to human beings and pets. So ultraviolet fly traps are widely used in dining areas , restaurants for eliminating flies, since flies are attracted to them and  ultraviolet rays are harmless to human beings.  The effective range of  an ultraviolet fly trap depends on the number , wattage and physical  arrangement of the bulbs in the flytrap. There are 2 different types of ultraviolet fly traps - fly traps that electrocute the flies and fly traps where the flies are trapped on replaceable sticky pads. Sticky pads are used where hygiene is important like restaurants, and dead insects cannot be allowed to fall into the food.

There also unconventional fly control methods like keeping pets which will eat flies. How to get rid of flies without killing them

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