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Since rats and mice enter homes in search of  food, blocking all openings is important. Doors and windows through which rats can enter the house should be closed at night. Material through which rodents cannot gnaw like concrete, sheet metal , crushed glass and steel wool should be used. Food sources especially pet food, should also be eliminated.

Local government authorities in cities like Mumbai employ night rat killers who are paid Rs 8000 (about US$200) per month provided they catch 30 rats daily. They are required to show the dead rats as proof, to be eligible for their salary. Night rat killers in Mumbai. If the government in your area employs rat killers, they can be contacted. You can also kill a rat by hitting it with a thick stick if you have quick reflexes.

Rodenticide baits  (poison baits) are poisonous to pets and humans beings also. It may be several days before the rats and mice eat the bait. This is because the bait will have the smell of  the human handling the bait also and it will be several days before the human smell wears off. After eating the bait, the rat or mouse may die at an inaccessible place in the house. The decaying mouse or rat will generate a strong unpleasant odor. Locating the dead rat or mouse  can be difficult.

Using a mouse/rat  snap trap or  glue trap has the advantage that the trapped animal can be easily located and disposed off.  Traps should not be laid in areas frequented by children or pets. The mouse/rat will walk into the trap only after a few days. Glue traps are effective if you able to trace the path of the mouse or rat. If the mouse moves from one open room to the other, the glue trap should be laid at the door or other places where there is evidence of their activity.  The  trapped mouse will struggle for some time and then keep quiet. The glue trap with the mouse can then be disposed of.

 Though it is believed that cats were domesticated to kill rats, pets like cats and dogs are not very effective in killing rats. In fact, the food for dogs and cats will attract the rats. Since many household pets are fed regularly, they become too lazy to catch the fast running rats. Pest control for mosquitoes

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