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Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous pests , sucking blood from human being and transmitting a number of dangerous diseases like malaria, filaria, chikungunya and dengue. Mosquitoes have existed for more than 100 million years and  there are more than 3500 mosquito species.  Pest control for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are usually less than 15 mm in length and weigh about 2 g.  Most mosquitoes feed on nectar. The female mosquito bites human beings to get protein required for laying eggs.  The eggs of the mosquito are laid in stagnant water in batches. The larvae and pupae have hairy projections. The larvae survive on organic material in the water. The life cycle of  mosquitoes is completed in about 14 days in warm weather.  In colder climates, they usually survive winter in the form of eggs. 

Female mosquito bite birds and mammals including human beings to suck blood required for laying eggs. They detect the presence of  humans by sensing the carbon dioxide, perspiration, body odor, lactic acid and heat generated by the body.  People wearing light colored clothes are also more likely to be detected by mosquitoes.

The female mosquito has an extremely sharp serrated proboscis which is used for piercing the skin of mammals. Since the point of contact is very small, the nerves in the skin cannot detect the bite. To prevent clotting of the blood being sucked, the mosquito injects saliva and anticoagulants into the body. About 5 microliters of  blood is sucked by a mosquito per bite and the blood is stored in the mosquito's stomach.

 When a mosquito bites a child , the immune system of the body develops antibodies as a reaction to the saliva that remains in the body. The area swells and a bump is developed around the area of  the bite. The itching caused by the bite remains till the saliva is broken down by the immune cells. Some adults become immune to mosquito bites while it causes blisters in others.  When mosquitoes fly, a distinct high pitched buzzing sound is generated. This can disturb sleep especially for teenagers. Many adults cannot hear sounds at this frequency. Pest control for mosquitoes

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